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General Rules

Jailbreak Rules

The Basics

Jailbreak is a roleplay based gamemode, which means there are a lot of rules to adhere to, however the gamemode specific rules you can be punished for exist mostly for the Blue Team besides the few listed under "Rules for All". If you are new to the mode or sever we recommend playing on the Red Team and reading up to the "CT Rules" section first to get a feel for how we do things. Don't be afraid to ask questions about these rules on the server!

The point of this game is for the Blue Team (also referred to as Guards or CTs) who spawn with ammo to give orders over microphone to the Red Team (also referred to as Prisoners or Ts) who spawn without ammo. Any Ts not following the orders given by the CTs agreed upon by the CTs to give orders will be considered rebellers who must be killed on sight (KOS for short) by the CTs.

CTs cannot attack a T for anything other than rebelling or valid activity purposes else it will be considered freehitting, freekilling if the attack was fatal; both are against the rules. If you have less health due to freehitting the CTs must heal you if you ask for healing.

You are free to rebel and follow orders as you like as a T. Every map has at least one secret route into the armoury which you can use to gain ammo as a T. Many maps also have ammo hidden in secret spots and secret routes to aide rebellers. CTs also drop ammo upon death so keep that in mind as a CT and use that to your advantage as a T.

Things That Count As Rebelling, Unless Orders Given Involve Them



The last T alive who is also not considered a rebel (innocent) and has also made it the furthest in any played progression-based games like Obstacle Course gets a Last Request (LR for short). An LR allows whoever has it in the current round within the LR time limit at the bottom of the screen to tell the CTs what they must do for the next or current round, one or the other. This LR must follow the "LR Rules".

If there is at least one rebeller alive then an LR cannot be decided upon until all the rebellers are killed. The last innocent T is not bound by orders and can only rebel by attacking a CT before an LR is chosen or attacking a CT without a reason during a same-round LR; if this happens the T loses their LR and must be killed on sight. Once a next round LR has been agreed upon or when the LR time at the bottom of the screen runs out the CTs must KOS the T, if the T fights back when this happens they are not rebelling.

There is no LR command, you must type or speak out your LR.

Last Request Rules

Your LR will be denied and you will have to choose a new one if it breaks these rules. Don't worry about these much as a T as the CTs will tell you if your LR is invalid.

Other Terms and Order Info

For example, if Ts are given an order to type what they want to do this round after they are given a no typing order, it would allow them to type what they want to do today but nothing else for the new order stayed within the context of the no typing order. Another example would be if a "follow me" order was given after an AFK freeze order, then the AFK freeze order is overwritten instead because the new order went outside of the AFK freeze order.

Rules For All

CT Rules